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Top Down Shooter ToolKit (TDS-TK)

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Top Down Shooter ToolKit (TDS-TK) Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

Top Down Shooter ToolKit (TDS-TK) v1.3.2f7 (Latest version)

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Official Website – Link
Unity Support Forum – Link
WebDemo – Link

TDS-TK is a C# coding framework for the easy construction of TopDownShooter games of any kind. It comes with a bundle of scripts that are flexible and configurable to fit a variety of TopDownShooter gameplay scenarios.

The toolkit is designed to be used with custom models and art assets. You can easily integrate your own art assets to make your unique game.

Everything in the demo is included in the package.

TopDownShooter-ToolKit (TDS-TK) is a an easy to use and flexible Unity game engine coding framework designed for construction of Top-Down-Shooter game. The aim of the toolkit is to allow as many variant of Top-Down-Shooter mechanic as possible. It’s designed with integration of custom asset in mind. The toolkit is written with non-coder in mind so no coding skill is required to use it.

The WebGL demo in the link above contains example levels made with TDSTK. Please note that these are only some of the possible level setup available. All the content/assets used are included in the package. Each individual level in the demo are available as example scene in the package.

Some notable features of TDS-TK:

Emphasize freedom of design, tons of customization option
Create and customize unique weapons, abilities, power-ups and special effects
Modular approach to level building, support various game mode and level design
Build character progression and skill/tech-tree with built in leveling and perk system
Easy integration with custom asset
Mobile compatible with touch input supported
No coding skill required
Full C# source code included

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