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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Total Baker Free.

Total Baker v1.11

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1. What is Total Baker?

Total Baker is a texture baking tool that will help artists to create detailed texture maps for their low-poly models. This is not an API to create baking systems.

> Official Thread
> Online documentation and tutorials
> Samples

2. Why texture baking?

First, it might be difficult to create precise texture maps (normal, AO, height, etc.) for lowpoly models, even with the most advanced image editors. Then, the various tools to create maps from photos are very easy to use but often don’t produce good maps since they try to reconstruct the surface details from a simple image. The only way to get the desired results is to create a detailed high-poly model and to transfer (bake) its surface details to texture maps using a texture baking tool, like Total Baker.​

3. Which texture maps can I create with Total Baker?

– Diffuse Map
– Normal Map
– Height Map
– AO Map
– Metallic Map
– Specular Map
– Emissive Map

4. Additional Features

– Realtime models preview in scene
– Realtime light baking
– Realtime filters to enhance generated maps
– Save/Load configurations
– Advanced Height2Normal converter
– Prefabs support
– Normal Map combiner tool
– Automatic cage generation
– Blur texture tool
– Dilation tool
– Normal maps combine tool

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