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Transform Tools v1.6

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Transform tools is an editor extension designed to make object placement faster and easier.

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• Align and distribute. Easy to use tools to align and distribute game objects. Similar to the tools you can find in Illustrator, Photoshop, Inkscape, and others.

• Grid arrangement. Arrange objects on a 3D grid.

• Radial arrangement. Arrange objects in radial patterns such as arcs, circles, ellipses, and spirals.

• Rearrange. Swap the positions of the selected objects.

• Progressions. Incrementally change the scale, rotation, and position values ​​of the selected objects.

• Randomize. Add random values to the position, rotation and scale of each selected object.

• Homogenize. Even out the spacing, rotation and scales values of the selected objects.

• Center pivot. Center the pivot of 3D objects, sprites and UI objects.

• Edit pivot. Edit the pivot position and rotation of 3D objects, sprites and UI objects.

• Place on the surface. Place objects on the closest surface in the direction defined by the user.

• Simulate gravity. Physics based placing tool.

• Remove overlapping. Move objects far enough so that they do not overlap.

• 2D and 3D. All tools can be used on 2D and 3D objects.

• Runtime functions. Static class for calling methods at run time.

3D and 2D assets in the videos are not included in the package.

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