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Traps and Obstacles Pack

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Traps and Obstacles Pack for FREE, but please remember this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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Traps and Obstacles Pack v1.0

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Traps and Obstacles Pack gives you 32 unique static and animated mobile friendly traps and obstacles. Perfect for any hypercasual and casual game setting. You get ready to use prefabs with animations and particles.

Items in the package:

Spinning Sticks With Spikes

Swing Mace/Axe

Spikey Overhead Trap

Rolling Barrel

Spikey Horizontal Trap


Spinning Saws

Spring Trap

Rolling Grinder

Spinning Sticks With Spikes(Vertical)

Swinging Hammers




Moving Grinder

Wall Arrows

Spikey Overhead Trap-2

Spikey Sticks Trap

Floor Scrotcher





Tesla Coil


Pushing Pillar

Spinning Pillars


Overhead Trap

Patrol Saw

Spinning Sticks

Triangle Counts:

Hammer: 808

Swing Mace/Axe: 2510

Spikey Overhead Trap: 2158

Rolling Barrel: 904

Spikey Horizontal Trap: 5146

Saw: 940

Spinning Saws: 3170

Spring Trap: 1240

Rolling Grinder: 2636

Spinning Sticks With Spikes(Vertical): 19404

Swinging Hammers: 3046

Barricade: 4624

Door: 1200

Spinning Sticks With Spikes: 6090

Moving Grinder: 2120

Wall Arrows: 2110

Spikey Overhead Trap-2: 1725

Spikey Sticks Trap: 3996

Floor Scrotcher: 1216

Decoy: 3260

Flamethrower: 2820

Crossbow: 2187

Box: 428

Tesla Coil: 5010

Obstacle: 772

Pushing Pillar: 444

Spinning Pillars: 2068

Fan: 3388

Overhead Trap: 664

Patrol Saw: 940

Spinning Sticks: 1032


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