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This is a paid asset, but now you can download UI – Builder Free.

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UI – Builder v1.9 (Latest version)

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UI – Builder v1.2

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Update 1.9 – Unity 2020, URP & HDRP Full Support
Do you need core UI Elements to start building your first Game or App? Are you a professional and want to speed up your workflow? No matter your experience, we have EXACTLY what you need!

» Unity Awards 2015 Finalist »

200+ Sliced Elements | 130+ Pixel Perfect Icons | 1 Font with 10 Styles | 70+ drag’n’drop components | 30+ Classic App Examples | 23+ Fundamental Game Examples | 3 iWatch Examples | 20+ Color Schemes | 9 HD Photography Images | 10+ UI Animations

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UI Builder is a revolutionary, customizable UI-kit that contains ready-made elements to mix, match & build your own User Interface for an App or a Game. It is also a great set of UI elements for quick & easy creating and slicing high quality GUI skins & sprites for new Unity GUI.
Creating your own awesome-looking custom interface has never been so easy before!

UI Builder is the most beautiful UI bundle on the Asset Store. It has been created with developers and designers in mind, using our in-depth knowledge about fundamentals of the design process. We have created this asset using perfectly matched color schemes, well balanced composition and hand-crafted, easy-on-the-eye proportions of each element.

Features :
• Quickly create good looking UI elements
• Constant updates and new features
• Active development & support
• Clean modern styles
• Easy to use for beginners and professionals

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