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This is a paid asset, but now you can download UI Text Effects Free.

UI Text Effects v1.15

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UI Text Effects are a set of effects for the standard Unity UI (uGUI) Text.

– All script and shader sources included!
– Extremely easy to use – just choose the effect from the component menu, and it’s applied.
– Add fancy titles, custom text appearance, mix multiple effects.
– Rich Text support.
– Mobile platform support.

12 extremely valuable effects:
– Better Outline: a more continuous outline than the standard one.
– Gradient Color: global/local, vertical/horizontal, override/additive/multiply.
– Depth Effect: add thickness to text.
– Soft Shadow: blurry shadow.
– Outer Bevel: add outer lit and shaded edges.
– Skew Effect: add horizontal+vertical transformations and perspective.
– Curve Effect: bend or distort text vertically.
– Character Spacing: increase or decrease the distance between individual characters.
– Limit Visible Characters: hide characters, make a typewriter.
– Overlay Texture: add an image overlay, local/global, override/additive/multiply.
– Inner Bevel: add lit and shaded edges inside the characters, override/additive/multiply (only “override” on SM2 level GPUs).
– Inner Outline: add outline inside the characters, override/additive/multiply.

– With this package, you can finally echo effects from Photoshop or Word, while still using the standard Unity UI Text.
– Suggestions for new effects are very welcome. The newly made effects will be added to the package.

Ask questions or discuss the plugin here.

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