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Ultimate Inventory & Crafting 5 PRO

by [email protected]

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Ultimate Inventory & Crafting 5 PRO Free.

Ultimate Inventory Crafting 5 PRO v5.2.1

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Ultimate Inventory 5 PRO is the ultimate inventory solution for any game.
It does use Unity 5 UI which is fast and reliable.
Visit the official website here: http://uinventory.esy.es/

It is available at two versions the PRO and the Survival. The Survival is not available yet but anyone who bought the PRO will get an extra discount.
This version (PRO) contains:
Inventory with unlimited number of items.
Inventory with unlimited number of slots.
Smooth Drag & Drop
Advanced and easy to extend crafting system.
Unlimited categories & items for the crafting system.
Hotbar system with shortcuts.
Item description panel.
Weight system which affects your player speed.
Audio effects for all inventory actions.
A right click (context) menu.
The code is detailed commented.
Different type of items such as: consumables & equipment.
Items can have durability, and it does decrease on use.
Easy to add slots and extend, the code is done automatically.
Advanced and easy custom inspector
Customization looting system.
Blueprints to unlock more crafting items.
A lot of useful functions for the inventory.
Random item spawner.
Built-in save system with encryption.
Player equipment system.

This version is not a beta one in terms of stability but it could be because one significant feature is not included yet.
The building system, however you can find some files of the building system which are beta.
Support at our new Ticket System (A big apologize if you used the previous support system and we never answered back, it wasn’t hosted on our domain and we lost control the last month)

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