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Ultimate Selector

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Ultimate Selector Free.

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Ultimate Selector v3.2

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Ultimate Selector v3.1.4a

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Ultimate Selector v2.5a

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Ultimate Selector v2.2

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Ultimate Selector v1.0

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Ultimate Selector is a Saving time and Great/Fun way to setup and display characters, items or props.



Radial/Linear/Grid/Custom Distribution

Transform Animation System

DATA SAVING using Player Pref

Add Remove Items at run-time

Multiple Selector on a same scene

Swipe/Drag selection

Mobile Ready!

Unity Event Based

3D Objects, Sprites or Canvas items

Editor Data Saving System

Basic Purchase System

Lock/Unlock System

Local or World orientation

Auto Camera Framing

Idle focused item animations

Several Selection customizations

Auto Focus On Clic/Touch object

Material Changer

Mesh Changer

Next/Before Object selection in empty space


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