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UMA Power Tools 2

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download UMA Power Tools 2 Free.

UMA Power Tools 2 v2.10.1 (Latest version)

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UMA Power Tools 2 v2.0.2

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The UMA Power Tools is a pack full of useful helper functions for working with UMA.

Updated to work with UMA 2.10!
Requires UMA 2.10+

Skeleton Reduction
Bakes all the extra UMA bones away leaving you with a tight skeleton for that little extra bit of performance.

* Please note that source code for the mesh bone reduction is not included!
* Also note that some uma features Cloth and Mesh Hiding are not supported by the Bone Baking yet!

Save to prefabs
You heard me, save your UMA generated characters directly to prefabs.

Show UMA characters in the editor
Show your uma characters directly in the editor to ensure your scenes are set up correctly.

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