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Umbra Boundary Builder

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Umbra Boundary Builder Free.

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Umbra Boundary Builder v2.3.2

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Build boundaries around levels or zones that block the player and then generate a mesh to go along with it so that your navmesh can respect those boundaries as well.

I’ve used some boundary tools in the past, and none of them met my expectations. I wanted better, so I built better.

Notable Features
– Works in Unity 5+
– Add nodes to your scene that turn into a boundary with a few simple clicks
– Makes sure your navmesh and the AI that uses it respects the same boundaries your player does
– See the boundary being created in real-time without having to bake it
– Simple, lightweight, easy to use

As always, if you’ve got some comments, suggestions, or find some bugs, let me know through my email or the contact form on my website.

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