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This is a paid asset, but now you can download UnitZ Battlegrounds Free.

UnitZ Battlegrounds Beta5

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UnitZ Battlegrounds Beta5 (DLL)

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The first battle royale game starter kit on Asset Store, all system are based on UnitZ UNET but has been modified with many additional features and improvement in purpose of making last man standing game with exploration and scavenging elements of a survival game.
This project provided a lot of new features and tools such as new Lobby system. new Inventory system with wearable equipment, player can equip armor, helmet, backpack, or additional items you can fight with friends online or have fun with AI and more fun you can found in this pack.

Core Features
– Battle Royale gameplay demo.
– Team Deathmatch gameplay demo.
– Networking UNET Lan / Online on the relay server
– Dedicated server system (beta).
– Game Lobby system
– Player Inventory with wearable equipment
– Player Skydiving
– Weapon system, Melee/Gun/Grenade
– Character System with Editor
– Character controller First / Third
– Area shrinking system
– Airdrop
– Shooter AI using Navmesh agent
– Vehicle Car / Plane
– Crafting / Building
– Mobile controller
– Editor and tools.

This project is a starter kit. we already provided the necessary features and tools. but you still need to work on it. I hope you enjoy.
If you have any question or need more information please visit Official Website

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