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URP – Wet Shaders : Flood and Rainy Puddles

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “URP – Wet Shaders : Flood and Rainy Puddles” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

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URP – Wet Shaders Flood and Rainy Puddles v2020.4

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These Shaders let you create beautiful wet and flood effects for all projects. There were created to enhance visual of 2d ground and can be also used to simulate leaking water effects on Roofs, walls and so on.

Find here our version compatible with the HD Render Pipeline.

Supported Unity versions

2022 LTS (by default)

2019 LTS –> 2021 LTS

The file includes URP and Built-in shaders.

The package is set up to URP Render Pipeline by default (since v2022.3). Please follow the URP setup in the documentation for Universal Render Pipeline projects.

For Built-in RP, delete the URP folder and unpack the Builtin-Wet Flood&Rain Puddles Shaders.unitypackage.

Documentation included.


– Flood (Opaque + Transparent)

– Flood Packed Map (Opaque + Transparent)

– Rainy Puddles Lite and Pro (with flipbook normal map)

Features :

– URP and Built-in support

– PBR materials

– Support BaseColor, Metallic(SmoothnessA), Normal, Heightmap, Ambient Occlusion and Emission map

– Containes Packed Map shaders version with Metallic(R), Ambient Occlusion(G), Heighmap(B) and Smoothness(A)

– The detail map controls the effect of flooding

– Waves water normal map with intensity speed and direction controls

– Raindrop simulated with size and speed splashes

– Rain ripples using flipbook with atlas normal map. 2 different texture atlas are included. They come in 4k .png format, and they are divided in 8 columns and 8 rows.

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