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uSurvival v1.82 (Latest version)

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uSurvival v1.79

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uSurvival v1.70

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uSurvival v1.27

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uSurvival – a Multiplayer Survival Asset from the creator of uMMORPG.
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“In the information age, the barriers just aren’t there. The barriers are self imposed. If you want to set off and go develop some grand new thing, you don’t need millions of dollars of capitalization. You need enough pizza and Diet Coke to stick in your refrigerator, a cheap PC to work on, and the dedication to go through with it. We slept on floors. We waded across rivers.” ― John D. Carmack, Masters of Doom

The Survival Genre
Thanks to hits like DayZ, Rust, PUBG and Fortnite, the Survival genre is more popular than ever before. Both for players, and for developers!

For players, it’s the thrill of sneaking through abandoned cities trying to evade and outmaneuver other humans instead of grinding one Npc quest after another.

For developers, it’s the idea of creating a sandbox where players can interact with each other, instead of spending countless resources on repetitive quest lines, monster types and levels.

Why uSurvival?
uSurvival is the most simple and easiest to use multiplayer Survival engine on the planet for one simple reason: 99% of the multiplayer projects fail because they are too complex.

Keeping both the code and the architecture incredibly simple is of utmost importance for the lone wolf developer.

uSurvival uses Mirror for its high level networking and Telepathy for its low level networking. With Mirror, the Server & Client are ONE project and share 95% of the code. (hence the name “Mirror”). Thanks to Mirror, uSurvival requires less than 7k lines of code while still scaling to 100+ CCU easily.

uSurvival’s networking is completely vertically integrated. The full networking stack was designed specifically for uMMORPG & uSurvival and is being improved every single day and battle tested by hundreds of other Unity networking projects.

uSurvival’s comes with a huge Discord Community with over 3000 members. We are all working on our dream games and trying our best to help each other out along the way.

uSurvival can be modified to your needs easily:
* Addon Support via UnityEvents and additional Community Addons
* Scriptable Objects for custom Items.
* A detailed Documentation is available online.
* 100% of the Source Code is included.

Feature: Character Controller
uSurvival uses Character Controller movement, inspired by games like Quake and Counter-Strike. The controller offers 1st order control by passing our own movement vectors to it. This allows us to easily implement all kinds of different movement behaviors like running, jumping, swimming, climbing, crouching, crawling, sliding and so on.

uSurvival synchronizes the Character Controller almost perfectly over the network, which makes other player’s movement incredibly smooth and accurate.

Feature: Third & First Person
uSurvival’s camera supports both third and first person. Either mode can be disabled, both modes work with the same models and animations. No extra steps needed.

Feature: Zombies
Zombies can easily be placed in the world and will traverse their surroundings while the server is running. Their stats, aggro radius and movement behavior can easily be modified in the Unity Inspector. Zombies drop loot after dieing and they can be spawned at runtime easily.

Feature: Scriptable Items
uSurvival comes with a powerful Scriptable Items system. You can add new items based on existing types (e.g. Potions), or create new types by inheriting from ScriptableItem. There are no limits, you could create an item that instantly spawns 1000 zombies or stuns everyone on the server.

Feature: Weapons
By default, an Axe, a Pistol, a Rifle and a Crossbow come with uSurvival. More melee, ranged, or projectile weapons can be added easily by reusing the example scripts.

Feature: Crafting & Furnace
uSurvival comes with a powerful crafting system. Crafting recipes convert a given set of items to a resulting item with a specified probability of success. Crafting can be used to combine items in all kinds of ways, for example:
* Banana + Drink = Banana Drink
* Sword + Handle + Sword Recipe = Sword.

uSurvival also comes with a Furnace system. Place ingredients and fuel into the furnace, then wait for it to cook!

Feature: Energies
Health, Nutrition, Hydration, Temperature and Endurance energies are all implemented by default. uSurvival’s energy component can be used for more energies easily.

Feature: Harvesting
Every survival game needs harvesting. uSurvival’s built in trees can be chopped down, will drop wood and respawn again. Harvesting can also be used for other resource types like ores, berry bushes and more.

Feature: Interaction
uSurvival comes with an easy to use Interaction component that can be added to prefabs in order to interact with them. For example, the built in doors can be interacted with in order to open and close them.

Feature: Build System
Many survival games allow the player to build structures into the world, and so does uSurvival. A very simple build system is included, it can be modified or removed depending on your project.

Feature: Database
uSurvival uses SQLite by default, which works out of the box and without any additional setup whatsoever. SQLite was developed for Military Grade systems and has 100% test coverage while being extremely easy to use, which is just what we need. The database system can be replaced by any other system like MySQL as well.

The #1 feature of uSurvival is SIMPLICITY. We chose the most simple implementation for every feature, which makes it the perfect project to learn & build.

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