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Volumetric Fog SRP Beta

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Volumetric Fog SRP Beta Free.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

Volumetric Fog SRP Beta v1.2

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Volumetric Fog SRP Beta v1.0

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Volumetric Fog SRP is a Volumetric Fog effect for Unity, adapted for use with Post Processing Stack v2.0.

The effect will work on all SRPs that are compatible with Post Processing Stack v2.0 and supports both desktop and mobile platforms.

– Volumetric height and distance regulated fog
– Two noise models, 2D and 3D for versatility and various artistic and performance requirements
– Compatible with Post Processing Stack v2.0
– Effect occlusion when sun hidden from objects on a per pixel precision
– Dynamic wind effect
– Atmospheric Scattering emulation
– Point light source coloration of fog (experimental)
– Combines with Sun Shafts SRP system (Showcased in some of the videos in video section)

A version for LWRP and URP Custom Forward Renderer system is planned to be added in the next version, for compatibility with Unity versions and URP where Post Effects Stack v2.0 is not available.

For any help on usage please contact me in my Discord channel

The system can be upgraded from Sky Master ULTIMATE .

ARTnGame Asset Upgrades Guide

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