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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Voxel Master Free.

Voxel Master v1.1.1.0

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Voxel Master v1.1.1.0

Voxel Master is a powerful, yet simple and easy to use voxel engine.
It is capable of generating simple shapes, all the way up to infinite procedural terrain, in a few lines of code only.


– Powerful and fast voxel terrain.
– Real-time terrain editing.
– Customizable blocks (Name, texture, durability)
– Integrated infinite procedural terrain generation customizable to your wishes.
– Procedural terrain example with biomes, trees and more!
– Overall optimization (Fast refresh, chunk disposal, etc…)
– Smart loading/saving system

What am I buying ?

– Highly commented & documented source code for Voxel Master.
– Home-made small texture pack.
– Example procedural generation script to be used along with Voxel Master.


Thanks to Spiffyj for his texture pack as starred in the screenshots.

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