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by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Voxel Max Free.

Voxel Max v1.60116

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VoxelMax is an easy to use Voxel editor and Voxelizer. This package is capable to convert any mesh or texture into editable voxel model. VoxelMax is also capable to reduce the necessary polygon count in it’s models.

Main features:
-Editing voxel structures (Extrude, Delete, Create and Paint voxels)
-Voxelize textures, sprite anims or models
-Optimize the mesh for low polygon count
-Undo&Redo Support
-Ingame edit and destruction
-Qubicle importer and exporter(.qb)
-MagicaVoxel importer and exporter(.vox)
-Model exporter (.obj)

The asset also includes a small town scene with a controllable tank. This scene was built with VoxelMax, so you can edit or modify any part of it.

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