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VR FPS System

by [email protected]

The VR FPS System is a simple system for using weapons in VR. VR Player controller with guns and zombies. Jumping, crouching, moving, snap turning. Vest for holding guns/clips.

For more detail this asset from the Unity Asset Store: Click Here

This is a paid asset, but now you can download the “VR FPS System” for FREE, Please keep in mind this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

VR FPS System v1.0.2

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Easy to use weapon mechanics

Two handed weapon grip
Detailed recoil mechanics
Reloading with clips
Slide kickback
Virtual stock for additional aiming control
Red dot sight

Other features:

Destroyed city rooftop scene
Shooting range
Interactive targets that show hits
Many reusable sounds/textures/models
Simple C# code


VR swat operative
Jumping, crouching, moving, snap turning
Vest for holding guns/clips


Burst fire assault rifle
Submachine gun (SMG)

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