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VR Interaction Framework

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download VR Interaction Framework Free.

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VR Interaction Framework v1.7 (Latest version)

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VR Interaction Framework v1.53

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VR Interaction Framework v1.521

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VR Interaction Framework v1.51

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VR Interaction Framework for Oculus v1.3

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This asset requires the Oculus Integration Kit

The VR Interaction Framework makes it easy to create your own interactable objects and be productive quickly. It has been specifically designed with the Oculus Quest in mind, but works seamlessly with the Rift, GO, and HTC Vive by utilizing Unity’s XRInput. Windows WMR support is in progress.

Current features include :

– Physical Grabbing and Throwing of objects

– Buttons, Knobs, Levers, Sliders, Doors, Joysticks, and other Physically activated objects

– Smooth Locomotion and Teleport

– Custom Hand Pose Support

– Two-Handed Weapons

– Climbing

Snap Zones – Super Modular : Make Equipment slots, inventory systems and more

– Bow and Arrow Physics (Arrows can be picked up and re-shot)

– Gun handling / physics. Can insert and remove the clip from a pistol, pull back the slide, etc.

Two Handed Weapons with Shotgun and Rifle examples

– Hand Jet (like a jetpack, but in your hands!)

– Grappling Hook

– Slow time

– A basic IK Arm example

– Hand Tracking Demo – Grab Objects and Paint with your fingers

– Simple Damage System with Destructible Objects

Latest Features :

– Added XRInput Support

– HTC Vive support

– New Hand / Glove Textures

– New weapon models

– Added multiple interactive door examples

– Destructible Crates

– Added FinalIK Integration Example

– Added EmeraldAI Integration

This package is updated frequently.

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