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VR Module for Game Creator 1

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download VR Module for Game Creator 1 for FREE, but please remember this package is provided only for learning purposes or to be able to test before buying the product, NOT FOR COMMERCIAL PURPOSES.

Detail this asset from Unity Store: Original Link

VR Module for Game Creator 1 v1.3.1

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Add Virtual Reality as an option to your existing game, or create a new VR experience for your players. Check out the Component Bundle to Save and get Discounts.

With the VR Module for Game Creator 1, you can do this in 3 easy steps. VR made easy with GC1. To get started, simply:

Add the XR Rig Prefab to your scene
Add the XR Manager Component
Drag your Actions to the Hand Controller Inputs.

and Play. With the included Actions, you can play on the Desktop with the Keyboard, then switch to PCVR mode, put your headset on, and continue.

The VR Module was developed for the Oculus Quest and can be played in Android mode or PCVR using Airlink, but has also been successfully tested on Open XR devices such as the Vive Pro and Value Index with Steam, but these will need additional setpup for the hand controllers.

You can play in 3 different views, First person, Third person, or Hands only, and use the FPS, Adventure, or Follow Camera Motors from GC1. You can use the included Basic IK which will track Head, Arms, and Torso, or for Full Body movement (6-DoF), integrate Final IK from RootMotion with the components included in this asset. The Hand Controller Actions can be set up to be Context Sensitive and change during the stages of Game Play. Highly configurable and completely yours to create.

This Asset includes VR Components and Actions for Game Creator 1. The Actions include:

4 x VR Camera Control
9 x Character Features
15 x Hand Control Options
11 x Game Object Functions
5 x User Interface Tools

In Addition, there are also:

3 x Final IK Actions (for integration with Final IK if needed)
3 x Melee Components (for intergration with GC Melee Module)
3 x Driving Components

In total, there are currently:

40+ GC1 Actions
13 Custom Components
11 Detailed Example Scenes.

The Example Scenes include compatibility with GC 1 Modules if your game uses them:

Melee (including Free Play functionality)
Shooter (including Free Play functionality)
Photon Multiplayer Module (VR Arm Movements not supported)

Note: These GC1 Modules must be purchased and installed seperately.

Driving Example x3 including Detailed Tutorial
Photon Multiplayer Example including Detailed Tutorial

This Asset Includes

Source code (Actions, Scripts, Drawers, Attributes)
Examples & Templates (Scene files)
Documentation (PDF included and Online Documentation)
Models shown in Graphics are NOT included in this Asset.
GC Modules and Final IK are NOT included in this Asset.
Game Creator 1 is NOT included and is required to use this asset.
This asset does NOT track player hands, only hand controllers.
Before Purchase, please read the Online Documentation

VR Module for GC1

This Asset is specifically for Game Creator 1.

Note that Game Creator 1 supports Unity 2020.3

Unity XR Plugin Management and Interaction Toolkit are required.

Please follow the setup steps detailed in the Documentation.

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