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Walking Dead In Jungle

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Walking Dead In Jungle Free.

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Walking Dead In Jungle

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Requirement: Unity 4.7

The world has ended. Now the dead walk the earth and you are the last survivor on your group. It’s not going to be long before you will too die and turn but until then do your best to survive!

Endless running in the fields tilt the device to run left and right and avoid contact with the dead. If they get you the game is over.

Choose equipment (armor and weapons) to help you survive and last longer as you maneuver between swarms of the dead trying to eat you alive.

✪ 5 weapons!

Double Gun
Machine Gun
Repeater Gun
✪ 3 Custom items:

✪ 4 Types of Zombies

✪ in app purchases ready (Not active in game but you can Just update your SKU iD to make it active)

✪ iOS & Android ready

✪ Unity 4.7 ready

✪ Admob & Chartboost

How to setup and reskin
As all of our source codes this code comes with a complete video Tutorial that takes you through all the sections of the code and gives instruction on how to reskin it and set the AD ID’s.

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