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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Water 2D Pro Free.

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Water 2D Pro v1.7

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Water 2D Pro v1.6

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Important Note: “If you’re experiencing a Flip/reverse Water movements, please check this fix”

Water 2D PRO is a powerful 2D liquid and fluid emulator for Unity.
Use this asset and start making fantastic liquid games like “Where is my water” , “Happy Glass” or “Bubble Tea”
The big advantage of W2D is that it uses Unity 2D Physics, so you don’t need knowledge in other physics engines and no need to learn new and complicated things. You can create amazing water simulations in no time!

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What does the pro version give you?
•Testing in editor without change to play mode.
•Working with all Render pipelines.
•Plenty with scenes with oddly satisfying samples
•Mixing colors of many fluids.
•Refracting style with distortion like real water.
•Toon with stroke style and masked style.
•Events to intercept in collisions, spawns, and environments.
•Better optimization and premium support.


– Regular, Toon and Refracting liquid graphics.
– Blending fluid particle colors.
– Can perform in all render pipelines, Legacy, Universal render pipeline(LWRP) and HDRP.
– Can simulate in Editor as ParticleSystem.
– Can perform Events in collisions and states.
– Mobile friendly
– Excellent for liquid games or simulation purposes.
– Oddly satisfying fluid effect.
– Interactable with the environment.
– Extremely flexible without code, just tweaking the inspector.
– Very easy to understand, so you won’t need a tutorial or guide.
– Doesn’t need Unity Pro.
– Doesn’t need advance knowledge in coding.

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