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Wet Stuff

by [email protected]

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Wet Stuff Free.

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Wet Stuff v4.1.2 (Latest version)

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Wet Stuff v4.1.1

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Wet Stuff v4.0.0

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Wet Stuff makes it easy to instantly make any surface appear wet; simply place decals into the scene and surfaces within will appear wet. Decals can be configured with a powerful set of tools and animated using timeline to simulate many effects such as water buildup, puddles drying out, slightly damp surfaces and more – all without modifying any textures, materials or shaders.

* Instantly make any surface appear wet
* Easy to use decal system
* VR Support
* Create wet surfaces at runtime
* Automatically creates splashes from particles systems
* Powerful configuration system to create a range of effects such as:
** Rain splatters
** Puddles growing and drying over time
** Leaking Pipes
* Enviro Integration
* Unistorm Integration

Wet Stuff requires cameras using `Rendering Path: Deferred`. If you’re interested in using Wet Stuff with the new HDRP pipeline please contact us.

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