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Winter Ground Pack

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Winter Ground Pack Free.

Winter Ground Pack v1.1

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Winter Ground Pack

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In this textures pack you will find ground textures, that are perfect for unity terrain shader or any other. All textures contain heightmaps for advanced tessellation or paralax shading, so you will get better effect if you need. In winter ground pack you will find textures such as: mud, snow, rocks, stones, dirty ground, grass, path, road, dirty snow. Soon we will add more. Textures look good even with lower resolution. Textures work perfect with CTS ground shader.

Pack also contain, 4 very natural example terrains with lighting and own scenes.

Tiled textures:
– 15 diffuse maps with specular in alpha channel 2048×2048
– 15 normal maps 2048×2048
– 15 height maps 2048×2048
(45 textures)

– Additional Ice texture for Unity 2017 2048×2048
Terrain example scenes:
– 5 scenes
– 5 terrains
– 5 heightmaps

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