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ZADE: Action FrameWork

by [email protected]

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download ZADE: Action FrameWork Free.

ZADE. Action FrameWork v3.01

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This package is a framework for a 3D-Action Game.

No DLL, Full Source Codes included. Now support Unity 5.x

Locomotions for various Weapon Types
Crouch, Lay Prone locomotion
Shooting, Dual Shooting motions
Melee Combat motions
Platforming motions
Damaging Motions and Control Algorithm

4 rigged character models
Character control scripts
Can be modify to make FPS

For input, there are two variations:
-Keyboard and mouse only control
-Xbox360 controller for CInput user

Unit Setup Editor
FullBody Collider Editor

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