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Zip / gzip Multiplatform Native Plugin

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This is a paid asset, but now you can download Zip / gzip Multiplatform Native Plugin Free.

Zip / gzip Multiplatform Native Plugin v1.8 (Latest version)

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Unity5 ,2017, 2018, 2019 ready.

This is a shared library for Android, iOS*, OSX, Windows, Linux and webGL** to compress/decompress zip/gzip/tar/bz2 (.zip/.gz) files and buffers.

**WebGL supports all functions except the ones that require file system access.

It is also part of the 7z/lzma/zip package in the asset store here:7zip/lzma/zip plugins

Fast zip/gzip compression and decompression with a clean and simple interface. Very easy to use. Well commented example and documentation.

The plugin is about 7x times faster in compression speed and 3x times faster in decompression speed compared to SharpZipLib.

– compress/decompress buffers to/from zlib/gzip streams.

– recursive directory compression/decompression.

– compress/decompress single files.

– encryption / decryption.

– append files to existing zip archives.

– compress a buffer and write it or append it to a zip archive.

– get file and size info of all the files or a specific file from a zip archive.

– extract a single file out of a zip archive.

– decompress a file of a zip archive to a byte buffer.

– delete an entry in a zip archive.

– replace an entry in a zip archive.

– get progress of extraction when the zip archive has multiple files.

– get byte level progress of compression (single or multiple files).

– create in Memory zip files and manipulate them from there.

– Support of split zip files compress/decompress (1.zip. 1.z01, 1.z02, …)

– decompression of split zip archives (in the form of 1.zip, 1.z01, 1.z02, …)

– ability to discover merged/hidden zip/gzip archives in files or buffers and extract from there.

– bz2/zlib compression-decompression methods. (bz2 method not available for MacOS/iOS/tvOS & webGL)

– buffers can be treated as files. That means if you have a file in www.bytes you can perform operations directly on the buffer.

– support for STORE method when setting level of compression to zero.

– ability to cancel most zip/unzip/gzip/tar operations when they are called from a Thread.

– ability to create tar archives from directories or list of files with byte level progress.

– untar and untar entry support with byte level progress.

– compress/decompress of tar.gz, tar.bz2 with progress.

– create and decompress bz2 archives with progress.

– thread safe

The ios and OSX libraries are compiled as universal. That means that they will support 32 and 64 bit builds.

The Windows and Linux libraries are compiled for x86 and x86_64 build modes.

The Android lib is compiled for armeabi-v7a, x86 and arm64-v8a.

Support email: [email protected]
Support forum: SupportForum

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