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Zombify Me complete game

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Zombify Me complete game

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One day, when you wake up and realize that all the things are changes ? the people around you, the city you live, the scenes? become other types! OMG, you see the ghost and zombies. How would your life be? Fight or run away? ( well, I suggest running away, run as fast and far as you could ?)

This would be the content of the story that we bring to you. Fight or run away from the Zombies. The game Zombify Me was pubished on the Halloween day. One of the absolutely new vesions is given to you. Kinds of playing ?run to die? is a kind of the lured games and players still choose it most( simple, easy to play, easy to be addicted).You could also find it easy to change the characters, images used for your business.
Discover the city at the Halloween?s night
Many characters to choose: 8 characters( male and female) with different styles
Integrate the advertisements easily.
Easy change the characters (you can buy more characters from us)
Professional Customer Care Services
We care about you and your purchased source code!
We’ll support you on any task.
We will help you to optimize your code.
We provide even TeamViewer session to directly fix your error.
Your success is our success.

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