Track Roller Coaster Rail Keypoint Basic Editor

This is a paid asset, but now you can download Track Roller Coaster Rail Keypoint Basic Editor Free.

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Track Roller Coaster Rail Keypoint Basic Editor v6.0 (Latest version)

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This is a roller coaster generation package for with very low geometry (each rail is composed of 2 triangles) designed for VR applications or 3rd view of complex amusement parks. The player will follow a path completely customizable by the user, which is generated using visual markers.

The player’s movement is completely realistic, because physics are implemented manually considering potential and kinetic energy (energy conservation principle). This means that no collider are used, which computational cost is reduced. MULTI-CART is supported.

The package contains the following assets:
– The scripts that control the movement of the player.
– The script that generate the roller coaster path using the markers.
– Marker prefab models.
– Futuristic environment and skybox (to aid the player orient in the VR world).
– Rail and other object textures.

No colliders are used, which means that app runs very fast and movement is quite realistic.

Bezier curves implemented

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