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This is a paid asset, but now you can download GUI Generator Free.

GUI Generator v1.9

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GUI Generator is a great tool for quickly & easily creating and slicing high quality GUI skins & sprites which you can use with any existing GUI framework. Create your own good looking custom skins in minutes.

No third party GUI systems (like nGUI and others) required, however if you own them GUI Generator will detect and integrate with them.

Features :
o Quickly create good looking UI elements
o Constant updates and new features
o Active development & support
o Multiple layers with offsets for layering
o Many fill patterns, gradients, tiled textures
o Many effects or even clean modern styles
o Easy and intuitive interface.
o Full integration with major UI frameworks:
– using with nGUI if you own nGUI
– using with uGUI with Unity 4.6 or above
– using with Noesis GUI just add a 9-slice XAML
– others? GUI Generator creates your sprites, simply use them

Videos: uGUI, nGUI

Feel free to send any questions to [email protected]

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